Descent II offers even more insane vertigo action than the original, plus an added bonus that set the tone for computer gaming in 1996–a multiplayer mode CNET Gamecenter’s 1996 Best Action Game award

After your adventures in Descent, you are warped into a mine filled with danger for no particularly appealing reason, other than to make you fight some more — not that there’s a problem with that! Like its predecessor, Descent 2 features furious 360-degree action and maze-like levels. The inclusion of a “Guide Bot”, also, will help you find your way through the mines.

Go anywhere, and shoot at anything!

Descent II

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  • Platforms

    PC, Mac OS, Acorn Archimedes, AmigaOS4, PlayStation
  • Genre

    First-person shooter
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  • Players

    Single-player, multiplayer
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