Summoner is a very enthralling role-playing game experience that is without a doubt the best of the RPGs that are available at launch. IGN

One of the earliest role-playing games for the PlayStation 2, Summoner originally had its roots as a PC title before being moved to Sony’s console as the lead SKU. Following the exploits of Joseph, one of the last remaining Summoners, Volition’s first RPG tells a story of destruction, salvation, and exploration as our hero travels the world in his quest for the legendary Summoner rings.

Features include an action-oriented combat system, a cast of more than 120 different characters, five person battle parties, 16 different summoned creatures, more than 50 hours of storyline, and an arsenal of unique weapons and spells.


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    PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
  • Genre

    Action role-playing
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  • Players

    Single-player, multiplayer
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