It’s not all brutality. The Punisher is also one of the most immersive strategy games ever created. Aim for the head and enjoy. Maxim Online

The Punisher puts players in the role of the dark and infamous comic hero, combining classic action with gritty, punishing interrogations.

Fueled by the murder of his family, Frank Castle, The Punisher, sets out on a mission to clean up the streets. The writings of Punisher creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Garth Ennis combined with Volition Inc.’s visual interpretation give players an opportunity to step into the role of The Punisher spanning a 30-year history. The interrogation system allows gamers direct control over the amount of “punishment” enemies receive before releasing important information. With more than 120 unique kills, The Punisher should deliver hours of vigilante justice.

The Punisher

  • Release Date

  • Platforms

    Xbox, PlayStation 2, PC, Mobile
  • Genre

    Action, Third-person shooter
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  • Players

    Single-player, stealth
  • Age Rating