Spline Based Procedural Modeling in “Agents of Mayhem”

Presented at GDC 2018

Volition has created a new and powerful spline-based modeling system. This system has enabled their developers to build a city with unprecedented speed. The vast majority of environment geometry of the futuristic Seoul in ‘Agents of Mayhem’ was built not in third party art packages, but directly in Volition’s own proprietary editor. This led to huge increases in productivity for their environment artists and designers. Volition’s developers were able to rapidly prototype the environment. At the same time, it allowed them to iterate on final quality art for their playable spaces, late in the development cycle. It enabled them to generate organic geometry that would otherwise be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive to create. Finally, it dramatically reduced their reliance on outsourcing.

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Building a City Block for AOM Part 1 – Structure

Building a City Block for AOM Part 2 – Ground and Landscaping

Building a City Block for AOM Part 3 – Interior

Building a City Block for AOM Part 4 – Modifying

Building an Ultramodern Structure for AOM