Remembering Lost Devs

As we approach the release of Saints Row, we here at Volition would like to honor those we’ve lost during development.

Remembering Mike “IdolNinja” Watson

Mike Watson was Volition’s Community Manager since 2014 until his passing in August 2021.

One of the most caring and passionate humans you could ever have met, Mike loved people and would always meet you where you were. He was compassionate and a fierce friend who we miss dearly.

Remembering Joe “I know a guy” Wells

Joe Wells wore many hats during his 12 years with Volition – when he passed in December 2021 his hat was Systems Engineer in the IT department.

Tough, tenacious, and temperate – Joe was a person who knew himself and had a very distinct philosophy on how to live. He had a thirst for knowledge, a passion for detail and a desire to live a principled life. All bullshit aside, we think he succeeded.