Volition joins Gearbox

Gearbox Entertainment, a leading video game developer and publisher, recently finalized its partnership with Volition, a studio known for its critically acclaimed titles and innovative gameplay mechanics. You may remember when news of the agreement was announced last fall and now we’re proud to say it’s done and Volition is now part of the Gearbox Entertainment family. This will add nearly 200 talented individuals to Gearbox’s team, expanding its reach in the video game industry and accelerating its creative engine.

Volition has been in the gaming industry for over two decades and has a reputation for developing unique, engaging, and entertaining games. The studio created many beloved franchises such as Saints Row, Red Faction, FreeSpace, Summoner, and Descent, which have all garnered a dedicated fan base over the years.

With this new chapter starting, Gearbox will have access to Volition’s experienced team, innovative technologies, and popular franchises. It will also enable Gearbox to leverage Volition’s expertise in developing games with compelling narratives, exciting gameplay mechanics, and a strong focus on player choice.

“We’ve always admired the work that is crafted by the team at Gearbox,” commented Jim Boone, Chief Creative Officer at Volition. “We can’t wait to work in the trenches with their team to create new worlds, narratives, characters, and more. We hope our Volition community follows us on this next step for our studio.”

“The culture we created at Volition is directly in line with Gearbox’s values – including a shared focus on work-life balance, collaboration, and learning,” said Jim Torbit, Chief Executive Officer of Volition. “We’re excited to continue creating innovative games and exploring some ideas that our community are going to absolutely love with our new partners at Gearbox and pursuing our shared mission of entertaining the world. Beyond Saints Row, the creative engines are already turning on some ideas that we think our fans are going to love!”

While this is a win-win for both studios, ultimately it’s going to be gamers who benefit the most from it. You’re going to see some incredible games made with new talent and technologies. We hope you’re as excited as we are about our future together!